Luc Chief

The Luc Chief is the appointed leader of the Luc Village in Grandia. He is an elderly Humanoid who guides Justin while traveling through the Misty Forest. The Luc Chief is a timid man who shelters himself away from the outside world in fear of what they will bring. In addition, he is a very religious man who often prays to the God of Light.


Upon arrival in Luc Village, Rem takes Justin, Sue and Feena to see the Luc Chief. The chief welcomes the travelers but informs them that they must travel to the top of the God of Light Mountain and retrieve the Nectar of the Gods, in doing so earning the respect of the God of Light and freedom to rest within the village walls.

The Luc Chief rallies the village upon the Garlyle Forces attack but Justin and friends to protect the shrine at the top of the mountain in return for all the hospitality the people of Luc had shown them. After piecing together the broken idol, the Luc Chief thanks the party for offering to protect the village and gives them a Mist-Clearing Nut before explaining that their sheltered life has prevented them from meeting kind people like Justin.

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