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Grandia Wiki is getting bigger but we still need your help. If you know anything at all about Grandia you can contribute. Simply use the box below to start a page. Thank you.


3rd December 2014 - Interactive maps have been activated and can now be added to the wiki. They can be found at Special:Maps. Also, in honour of the Advent season, Merry Christmas Grandia Wiki.

29th May 2013 - Grandia Wiki has been invited to the JRPG Wikia Webring, which, as of yet, just means getting a nice little banner at the bottom of the main page linking to other JRPG wikis. Please let us know what you think of it.

21st May 2013 - Game Arts and Gung Ho have added Grandia Characters as an add-on to their recent game, Picotto Knight. Several of the characters from the original game return as little knights in the game.

1st April 2013 - News of a Grandia HD trilogy has been announced. Find out more here! Happy April Fools Day Grandia Wiki!

24th January 2013 - Grandia Wiki has been accepted to be promoted on the Wikia main page. So you might just see us here.

31st October 2012 - A "Spoiler Warning" has been added to the main page. So, as of now, you have been warned.

16th October 2012 - The theme has been changed to suit a spooky October theme for the Wikia contest. Happy Halloween from Grandia Wiki - have fun this year but be good!

28th August 2012 - The Boston Video Game Orchestra group are organising a one-night performance of three great video game composers, including Noriyuki Iwadare - composer of Grandia's soundtrack. Information is available here.

9th May 2012 - Grandia Wiki now has a Twitter account! Hopefully it can serve as a faster way to stay up to date on the fast-paced happenings on the Wiki as well as give us a more interactive community. Also, the Hero Banner is back on the main page.

4th March 2012 - Created a heroine banner to replace the hero banner on the main page. Just to add a bit of variety - it will eventually change back. You can comment on the talk page.

21st November 2011 - A full English patch of Grandia: Parallel Trippers has been released. You can download it here but you must have a ROM of the Game Boy game to patch.

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