The entrance to the ruins.

The Melc Ruins are a floating set of ruins located in high in the skies above the ocean near the Vejas Jungle. Yuki and the rest of the party go there to meet with Unama, one of the Guardians. The depths of the ruins are guarded by the infamous Melc Crystals


Normal EnemiesEdit

Lesser Demon 2,280
Madai 1,860
Lich 3,840
Melc Bird 1,320
Red Beast 7,850
Hyudra - Left 7,200
Hyudra - Middle 9,600
Hyudra - Right 7,200
Lucky Mink 18


Melc Crystal A 32,000
Melc Crystal B 28,000
Melc Crystal C 28,000
Special Monster HP
Mimic 9,000

Items and EquipmentEdit


  • Life Seed
  • Crimson Potion
  • Holy Water
  • Panacea
  • Golden Elixir
  • Golden Feather
  • Indigo Elixir x2
  • Spirit Seed
  • Speed Seed
  • Hero's Elixir
  • Power Seed
  • Smart Seed
  • Azure Elixir
  • Magic Seed
  • Platinum Feather
  • Fat Mogay Bomb


  • Sapphire Ring
  • Judge's Cards
  • Lorenzo Blade
  • Divine Charm
  • Aura Armor
  • Mach Boots
  • Peerless Belt


  • Unama's Orb

Mana EggsEdit

  • Flare Egg
  • Blaze Egg
  • Frost Egg
  • Tempest Egg

Skill BooksEdit

  • Divine Book
  • Slayer Book
  • Scout Book


  • Despite its name, the Melc Ruins are completely and fully operational with little to no actual ruins in the place. It's also known more appropriately as the Sky Castle. 
  • The Melc Ruins are the first place the player can fight Lucky Minks which, like Dragon's Quest's Metal Slimes, are difficult-to-defeat enemies that yield vast amouns of experience despite their low HP counts. 

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