Name Milda Hit
Japanese Name
Type Skill
Level Requirements Sword 20, Hammer 21,
Axe 24
SP Cost 75
Power (STR%) 400% (?)
Execute Time ?
Effect Light enemies are send flying across the map. Only damage for bosses.
Element Physical
Target Single enemy
Critical Chance 100
IP Knockback ??
Experience Gain ??
"YOU READY? *random punching and kicking sounds* VANISH!!!"
―Milda executing her ultimate skill[src]

Milda Hit is Milda's exclusive and ultimate skill in Grandia.

This skill features one of the highest damage multiplicators in the game and deals extreme damage to almost any enemy with no formidable resistance to physical attacks. The target also gets stunned and scattered to a random spot of the battle area, provided it even survives the assault.

It is also highly effective against bosses due to the huge chunk of health it chops off but is risky because of its slow execute time.

However, the high SP cost restricts Milda from successive usages, except she is equipped with an Energy Charm or Energy Ring.

ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit

Level Requirements Sword 18, Hammer 26,
Axe 28
SP Cost 160
Power (STR%) 420%
Execute Time 100
Critical Chance 100
IP Knockback ?
Experience Gain 20

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