Military Train

The Military Train stationed in Garlyle Base

The Military Train is a coal operated transport system and Garlyle Forces Special Operations Transport that enables them to convey troops, supples and equipment throughout the continent of Elencia in Grandia.

The main station operates within the Garlyle Base in Northwestern Elencia and runs through the Misty Forest, finally terminates in southwestern Elencia although the location is unknown.


Justin, Sue, Feena and Rem escape the Garlyle Base aboard the military train. While on board, the party plan to visit Luc deep within the Misty Forest. The Garlyle Forces arrive on aircraft and fire at the train attempting to halt its progress. Nana, Saki, Mio and their squadrons board the train in an attempt to recapture Rem but the Justin formulates a plan and traps the sergeants in the engine room with a broken brake lever, the party detach the cart from the rest of the train and eventually come to a stop in the Misty Forest.



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