Misty Forest Explore

Justin and the party explore the Misty Forest

The Misty Forest is a large forest spanning across the east of the Elencia continent in Grandia. The forest is located east of New Parm, north of the Dom Ruins and is directly adjacent to The End of the World.

The Misty Forest is perpetually surrounded by dense fog so is almost impossible to navigate without the use of a Mist-Clearing nut to help disperse the mist. Deep within the forest lies the hidden village of Luc and the God of Light Mountain which are inhabited by a Humanoid species that haven't seen outsiders before.


The Misty Forest is traversed several times during the game and is first only traveled partially when walking to the Dom Ruins. Justin, Feena and Sue travel through an area named "Road to the Dom Ruins" which is located on the outskirts of the Misty Forest where the Mist is slightly less dense.

After leaving the Dom Ruins, the party encounter Rem, a young Humanoid boy who is injured. The party quickly leave the forest and head back to Feena's House. After the party exit, Nana, Saki and Mio arrive with the Garlyle Forces tracking Rem, they decide to head back to the Garlyle Base and use hounds to track him instead.

Later, The commandeered Military Train terminates in the West Misty Forest, Rem plays his flute to signal to the people of Luc Village that he is coming home before rushing off into the forest. Justin, Feena and Sue follow behind and reach Luc Village on their own.

After the Garlyle Forces steal the Spirit Stone from the God of Light Mountain, the Luc Chief thanks the party for their efforts in attempting to protect the stone by giving them a Mist-Clearing Nut and send them on their way through the East Misty Forest.

Justin, Feena and Sue leave Luc Village and head east toward the End of the World, using the recently acquired Mist-Clearing Nut to make travel easier. While traversing the thick forest, the party encounter a large lake that prevents further travel. Sue points out to Justin and Feena that a river flows right through the middle of the lake and the party discover that the lake is actually an illusion.

Finally, the party arrive at the End of the World and leave the Misty Forest behind. Later, the party view the Misty Forest during their ascent of the wall.

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