Mt Typhoon

The landscape of Mt. Typhoon

Mt. Typhoon is an area located in the north of the Lost World continent in Grandia. Mt. Typhoon is located to the north of Dight Village and is the most northern landmark on the entire content.

Mt. Typhoon is inhabited by the hostile Klepp race who live on the mountainside around Typhoon Tower. The landscape of Mt. Typhoon is littered with mushrooms and flowing rivers of poisonous water.


After the Red Rain starts pouring violently across the northern parts of the Lost World, the Dight Elder asks Gadwin to travel to Typhoon Tower to stop the poisonous rain.

Justin, Sue and Feena agree to join Gadwin in his journey and are informed that the tower lies at the top of Mt. Typhoon. The party traverse the poisonous mountains avoiding the acid lakes and other hazards on the way, arriving at Typhoon Tower at the mountains peak..

When the Spear of Heroes is retreived by Justin the tower begins to collapse. Gadwin carries Feena and Sue outside the tower just in time to see it crumble to the ground. Standing alongside the towers ruin, a distraught Feena weeps at the thought of Justin's demise. Soon after the Spirits return Justin, Spear in hand before he is reunited with his relieved party.

Feena initially slaps Justin for his foolishness but cannot contain her overwheaming emotions over the safty of her friend. Noticing the rain has dispersed, the party head back down the mountain and towards Dight to hand over the Spear of Heroes.




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