The Vanishing Hill's teleportation device.

The Mysterious Vanishing Hill is a mountainous region in the north east of the The Lost World continent in Grandia. The Mysterious Vanishing Hill is located south east of Dight Village and to the east of the Valley of the Flying Dragon.

Remnants of ruins are scattered about across the hillside and located within a cave is a device that can teleport a person anywhere in the world.


After visiting the Angelou shrine in the Twin Towers, Justin learns once again that he must continue further east in search of Alent. Gadwin explains to the party that the Sea of Mermaids lies east of the Lost World continent which is said to be too dangerous for anyone to cross.

Gadwin informs the party that the Mysterious Vanishing Hill holds an orb that has the ability to teleport the party to East Elencia. Upon the party's return to Dight, Sue becomes very tired and collapses from exhaustion. Upon Doctor Alma's request, Justin, Feena and Sue head to the Mysterious Vanishing Hill alone.

During the ascent of the hill, the party find silver and gold keys to give access to the farthest hills. It is here the party discover two Massacre Machines guarding the Teleportation Orb. Once defeated the party head back to Dight to see Sue.

Upon arrival, Sue wishes to speak to Justin alone. She tells Justin that she wishes to quit adventuring until she becomes an adult as she feels like she cannot keep going. Justin initially wishes to stay with Sue but then decides to use the Teleportation Orb to send Sue back home to Parm.

Sue says goodbye to Gadwin and she leaves with Justin and Feena and they once again head for the Mysterious Vanishing Hill. The party head into a cave and open up a portal to Parm, after an emotional farewell, Sue leaves Justin and Feena and arrives in Parm. Justin and Feena leave the Mysterious Vanishing Hill and head back to Dight.




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