Nanan Chief's hut

Talking with the Village Chief before the Feast

Nanan is a small tribal village in the northern region of Ghoss Forest on the continent of Arachna. It is the home of tribal beast men and women who live peacefully with the land, worshipping neither light nor darkness. They are strong warriors by nature and take pride and justice very seriously, however, they have a very kind welcoming nature to those that have done them no harm.


Nanan is the home town of Mareg who had left there to kill Melfice in revenge for what he did to Nanan. Upon his return, the Village Chief holds a festival in honour of Mareg and the rest of the team.

Before the festival, the village Chief asks Ryudo and Elena to enter The Hut of Trials which supposedly is dangerous to enter for the people of the village. Inside they find several Carros which they must collect nuts for and then they fall in some very sticky moss. When they emerge, it is revealed that they were sent in to be covered by this silvervine moss which smells wonderful to only the native people. It is therefore dangerous for villagers to enter because they wouldn't want to come out again!

Later on at the festival, Elena sings for the people while Mareg tries to teach Tio more about her heart and she begins to understand more. Mareg tells her to no longer call him "master" but to call him "Mareg".

Elena and Ryudo go to the Spring of Love together but Millenia appears and tells Ryudo how much she loves him. Ryudo tells her that he feels the same but also loves Elena the same. Millenia then kisses Ryudo against his will as she transforms back into Elena, giving Elena the impression that Ryudo had meant to kiss her.

The team sets off again the next day in search of the Granasaber.


Inn - A strangely large and comfy inn for such a tribal village.

General Store - A large selection of local delicacies and battle items.

Village Chief's Hut - The hut of the Village Chief which is taken up mostly by a large dining table.

Weaving Hut - A hut full of fine silk produced by a worm who's silk changes colour depending on their mood.

Mareg's Hut - A large, mostly empty, hut owned by Mareg.

Hut of Trials - A hut which is forbidden to the villagers but is strangely empty inside.

Spring of Love - A spring with a legend.

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