New parm

New parm from above

New Parm is the first town Justin visits in the New World. The steamer brings passengers between here and Parm on a regular basis. It was named New Parm by the first settlers who came from the Messina continent. New Parm is not as as industrial looking as Parm , with many of the structures resembling a form of adobe and primitive architecture. The town thrives with the merchant demographic, so many people flock to the town in hopes of finding a good bargain. There is fine line between the rich and the poor in this area. The town is full of many professional adventurers due to the Adventurers Society.

In the town, adventurers have adopted a sort of celebrity status, particularly Feena . Many adventuring enthusiasts can be found spread around the town and most citizens will frequently talk about the subject. It can surmised by the player that New Parm is invariably the adventuring capital of the world.

New Parm (based on average speeds of paddle steamers in the same era) is probably between 800-900 Miles from Messina.  It takes the crew 72 hours to reach New Parm, going at an average speed of 12 miles per hour, dock-to-dock.  If the Ghost Ship had not delayed the boat, it could be calculated precisely at 864 miles.

Locations Edit

  • Port of New Parm- The centre of trade in New Parm with ships bringing in and shipping out exotic goods every day. It is also where the steamer drops off passengers.
  • Adventurer's Society - A society dedicated to setting up adventures for their members. Lately, many of the more dangerous adventures have been stopped when Pakon became the new president of the society.
  • Church - This ordinary church has a labyrinth of tunnels and sewer pipes under its basement. However, these may be the only way in if the front door is locked.
  • Hotel - For those wishing to stay the night in New Parm, the hotel is the first stop.

Interactive MapEdit

New Parm, Elencia

New Parm, Elencia

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