Sult Roll Call

A Garlyle Forces roll call for an excavation of Sult Ruins in the final stage of Operation Yggrasil

Operation Yggdrasil was an objective of the Garlyle Forces to find and complete the Spirit Stone. It was ordered by General Baal as part of his scheme to re-awaken Gaia.

Most ordinary soldiers knew little about the true nature of the operation and most believed it was about discovering artefacts from the time of Angelou. Only Baal knew the true extent of the mission. Colonel Mullen believes that the pieces are being recovered in order to benefit humanity but he has his doubts about Baal's intentions.


  • The name Yggdrasil comes from Norse mythology. Yggdrasil is an enormous and eternal tree that grows through the centre of Asgard and connects to the nine different worlds thought to exist.

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