The Petrified Forest is a section of the Virgin Forest turned to stone by Gaia in Grandia. It is located in the north of the East Elencia continent north west of Cafu. The original Cafu settlement stood in this area of the forest until the Tower of Doom was erected nearby. The resulting petrification of the forest caused the village to flee to a non-petrified region of Virgin Forest.

Many lives were lost during the petrification including Rapp's parents and since the petrification many creatures now roam nearby.


On their journey to the Tower of Doom, Rapp takes Justin and Feena through the Petrified Forest. The party make a stop at the original Cafu Village where Rapp explains the story that caused the Cafunians to leave. Rapp approaches the petrified stones of his mother and father before polishing them up and promising to them that he will destroy the tower in their honour.

Justin, Feena and Rapp leave the destroyed city and make their way through the large petrified forest. Upon reaching the outer layer of the forest, the party see the Tower of Doom in the distance before running off towards the tower.




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