Puffy Flying

Puffy is a flying creature from an unknown species. He was found by Justin's Father on his adventures and brought back as a gift for Sue before he died. Puffy has formed a strong attachment to Sue and goes everywhere with her. While Puffy can fly very well, he prefers to nest atop Sue's head.

Puffy cannot speak but makes noises that sound vaguely like he is saying "Puff" - hence his name. Puffy is hungry all the time and can often cause a nuisance in his search for food.


In battle, Puffy assists Sue in several of her moves. Most obviously is her Puffy Throw ability where puffy is hurled at a target and pecks at them. He also cheers with Sue during Rah-Rah! and Fight! moves. Sue comments that Puffy can spit both water and fire, the latter of which is shown during Puffy Fire.

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