In Grandia II, during battles, Millenia may enter a unique state known as "Rage". A border around her picture at the top of the screen will change in color and thickness as she gets angrier, which happens over time, and when she takes or inflicts damage (see "Reading Rage Status" below). Once her rage peaks, the player loses the ability to control Millenia's actions, and her IP moves faster. In addition, her SP will be refilled, and she will be allowed to move immediately after her rage peaks, just once. Sometimes, this turn will be taken up to use Taint of Wind, a move normally inaccessible to her. Once this is done, Millenia will begin lashing out with her strongest magic and attacks, until her rage subsides or the battle ends.

Reading Rage Status Edit

  • Neutral - No border
  • Excited - Blue and green, thin border
  • Annoyed - Blue, green, and yellow, medium border
  • Angry - Yellow, orange, and red, thick border
  • Rage - Red, glowing border; Rage in effect

It should be noted that Millenia cannot enter Rage mode in the final four boss battles.

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