Rainbow Spring

Rainbow Spring at the peak of Rainbow Mountain.

The Rainbow Mountains are an a mountainous region area north of the Village of Laine in Grandia. The Rainbow Mountain is the location of the Rainbow Spring, the only portal to the ancient city of Alent.

The Three Wise Men of Laine, Darlin, Derlin and Dorlin are the gatekeepers of the mountain and can only give access to those who have truly earned the right to travel to Alent.


The Rainbow Mountains are first mentioned by Dorlin when the party first arrive in Laine, unfortunately due to his confused state, the party cannot get any other information from him. Dorlin only mentions that the Rainbow Spring will lead to Alent.

With Dorlin's horn restored, he informs the party that the Mogay hold the key to Alent in the form of the Medal of Knowledge, a medal that will open the door to Alent if you prove yourself worthy. Dorlin explains that if the medal is thrown into the Rainbow Spring atop Rainbow Mountain, the way to Alent will present itself.

After acquiring the Medal of Knowledge from the Underground Ruins, Justin, Feena, Rapp and Guido travel to Laine to seek the advice of Dorlin. Dorlin reveals that The Three Wise Men of Laine are the gatekeepers of the Rainbow Mountain and will allow the party to pass through to Alent.

After reaching the peak of the mountain, Justin steps forward and throws the Medal of Knowledge into the Rainbow Spring. A polychromatic beam of light appears within the spring, the escalator to Alent. Before the party steps inside the lift, Guido tells the party that his will not be joining them on their journey. Guido explains to Justin that everyone has a role to play and Justin will understand that soon enough. Guido says his goodbye as the rest of the team soars towards Alent.




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