Rem collapsed

The party finds Rem collapsed in Misty Forest

Rem is a small humanoid from western Elencia.


He first encounters the team whilst attempting to escape Colonel Mullen near Dom Ruins, from here Justin, Sue and Feena take him back to Feena's house to heal him. Here it is discovered that he is very sick and Justin, Feena and Sue all travel to the top of Herb Mountains by Feena's house to find a red Sulfa weed which can heal him.

After receiving the weed, Rem recovers to full strength by the next morning. However, the Garlyle Forces find him and take Rem and the team to Garlyle Base. The team eventually escape and find Rem who teaches them his humanoid language by giving them a Communique Nut to eat each. They then fight their way out of the base and steal the Miliatary Train, which they ride all the way to the Misty Forest.

Rem takes them to Luc Villiage, the home of the Misty Forest humanoids. Rem does not stay with Justin, Feena and Sue - he returns to his home and plays little part in the storyline after this point.

Other AppearancesEdit

Grandia Parallel TrippersEdit

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Rem PT
Rem makes an appearance as a playable character in Grandia Parallel Trippers and can be found in Tree Sea after the events of the Sky Isles. His powers are very limited and can only wield axe and projectile based weapon skills and in addition, has the power to possess monster skills. Rem has a high agility stat but his small move pool and low AP limit his use.

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