"Revives 1 fallen party member"

Resurrect is a recurring Water and an occasional and Earth spell in Grandia. It appears as an advanced Water-elemental spell that revives a single party member who has fallen in battle. It is often one of the later spells learned within the games it appears.



Alhealer is a Level 3 magic spell that is learned when a characters Water level reaches level 16. Resurrect revives one fallen party member and increases exp in Water-elemental magic. Resurrect costs 12MP to use and can be used in and outside of battle.

Grandia IIEdit

"Revives a Fallen Character"

Resurrect is a Water spell that revives a fallen party member. It costs 36MP to cast and 240MC to initially learn. Resurrect has a steep growth rate and requires 1980MC to grow to its maximum level.

Resurrect can be learned from the Fairy, Mist, Soul and Star Eggs.

Grandia IIIEdit

Resurrect is an Earth spell that revives a fallen party member. It costs 24MP to cast.

Resurrect can be purchased for 400G at the magic shops in the Arcriff Temple, Baccula Settlement, Terrarium and in Raflid Town. In addition, it can be extracted from the Heal Egg and Tree Eggs.

Boost Level 0 Boost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3
Preparation Time 2.5 seconds 1.75 seconds 1.25 seconds 0.75 seconds

Grandia XtremeEdit

Resurrect is a spell that revives a fallen party member. It costs 26MP to cast. Resurrect can be cast when a character is equipped with the Forest, Dragon, or Ether Eggs.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

098 Resurrect PT
"Bring 1 ally back from K.O."

Resurrect is an Action Card that revives a fallen party member. It costs 50AP to cast. Resurrect is initially equipped by Feena and is dropped by Big Jellyfish.