40 7 5
Str Vit Wit Agi
33 25 26 70
Weapon Effectiveness
Sword Mace Axe
- - -
Projectiles Whip Knife
- - -
Elemental Effectiveness
Fire Icon
Wind Icon
Water Icon
Earth Icon
- - - -
Lightning Icon
Blizzard Icon
Forest Icon
Explosion Icon
- - - -
Location Merrill Road
Class Long Insect
Items Dropped Poison Antidote
Grandia Enemy

The Roadcrawler is an enemy in Grandia. It can be found on Merrill Road. Roadcrawlers do not appear alongside any other enemies and have the ability to cast Poison Gas and Diggin'.

Battle StrategyEdit

The Roadcrawler is the first basic enemy the party encounters that can cast magic, that being Diggin', it would be wise to dispatch of these enemies quickly before they can raise the defense higher. Roadcrawlers can also poison the party with their Poison Gas attack but helpfully, they also drop poison antidotes to recover your party after battle.

Related EnemiesEdit

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