"Ups movement of friends in range"

Runner is a recurring Wind spell in Grandia. It often appears as spell that increases the targets movement.



Runner is a Level 1 magic spell that is learned when a characters Wind level reaches level 2. Runner increases movement of characters within a small range of the target. Runner costs 1MP to use and can also be cast with the use of a Godspeed Knife or Gale Whip.

Grandia IIEdit

"Boosts movement with a tailwind"

Runner is a magic spell that increases movement of all allies. It costs 3MP to cast and 60MC to initially learn. Runner has a very shallow growth rate and requires 330MC to grow to its maximum level.

Runner can be learned from the Chaos, Fairy, Holy and Mist Eggs.

Grandia IIIEdit

Runner is a Wind spell that boosts the movement and initiative of all party members by 50%. It costs 20MP to cast.

Runner can be extracted from the Booster Egg.

Boost Level 0 Boost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3
Duration 45 Seconds 50 Seconds 56 Seconds 68 Seconds
Preparation Time 3.5 Seconds 2.5 Seconds 1.75 Seconds 1.25 Seconds

Grandia XtremeEdit

Runner is a spell that boosts the movement of a circle of allies. It costs 4MP to cast. Runner can be cast when a character is equipped with the Wind, Booster, Thunder or Cyclone Egg.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

084 Runner PT
"Agility up for 1 ally"

Runner is an Action Card that boosts the agility of a single ally. It costs 20AP to cast. Runner is dropped by Gas Cloud and Cold Mist.