Savanna Wilderness

Justin and the party explore the Savanna Wilderness.

"This is the "Savanna." Y'all cross here to the South to go to the Brinan Mountains."

The Savanna Wilderness, occasionally shorted to the Savanna is large, dry region located in the centre of the East Elencia continent in Grandia.

Due to its size and centralised location, The Savanna Wilderness must be crossed to access many areas across the continent. It is located between the Zil Desert to the north and Brinan Plateau to the south. The Garlyle Forces' Field Base is also located east of the Savanna.

Deep within the Savannah Wilderness lies an ancient Angelounian transporter that takes warps the user of the Tower Of Temptation.

When the party visits the Savanna Wilderness after Gaia attacks Zil Padon, the previously encountered monsters have been infected with Gaia's power and have become stronger.


Justin, Feena, Rapp and Milda travel through the Savanna Wilderness on their way to speak to The Three Wise Men of Laine. Milda leads the party south across the Savanna Wilderness finding several valuable treasures on the way.

After Feena leaves with Mullen to stop Gaia, Justin becomes depressed in his belief that he cannot do anything to protect her. Liete and Rapp leave Justin in disgust at his negativity which leaves Justin to travel to the Savanna Wilderness by himself.

Justin enters the Savanna and walks through the rain before falling into the mud. Justin continues pitying himself about how he wanted to be the greatest adventurer ever. The Myna Bird returns and squawks at him and tells him to leave. Justin feels useless since he can't protect the girl he loves. The Spirits appear and start to surround him. The Spirits guide Justin towards Zil Padon in hope Guido can advise him.



Pre Gaia InfectionEdit

Post Gaia InfectionEdit


Teleportation RoomEdit

Item Price
Fire Charm 2000G
Water Charm 2000G
Wind Charm 2000G
Earth Charm 2500G
Tree God Amulet 1000G
Metal Frog 2000G
Hurricane Belt 10000G
Secret Move Ring 15000G
Miraculous Scales 60000G
Cone of Light 4000G


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