Save Point

A rainbow cone as seen in the original Grandia

Save points are locations within the Grandia world where you are given the opportunity to save the game, and often, the chance to recover health and MP.

Out of dungeons, save points are usually found by talking to certain people, usually the owner of an Inn. However, within dungeons, save points appear as rainbow-coloured cones (Grandia, Grandia II) or as floating orbs (Grandia III).


Rainbow-coloured cones are found in dungeons at significant points and can have up to three options - Save, Recover and Hint. Hints are general tips and tricks to help improve the players performance and are only found in the first Grandia. They stop appearing shortly into the second disk.


The floating orbs found in Grandia III vary in colour depending on their function. Green orbs have only the ability to save and set magic/moves but rainbow-coloured orbs also have a recovery option.

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