Name Shockwave
Type Skill
Level Requirements Mace 7, Axe 5
SP Cost 30
Power (STR%) 200
Execute Time 90
Effect None
Target Area of Effect
Radius 30
Critical Chance 10%
IP Knockback 3000
Experience Gain 10

Shockwave is a skill that Justin learns which is a ranged attack that can also hit multiple enemies.

Characters who learn this ability:


ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit


SP Cost 22
Power (STR%) 140
Execute Time 50
Critical Chance 5%
IP Knockback 0

In Grandia ReDux, Shockwave is weaker in that it causes less damage, has no IP knockback and a lower critical hit chance. However, it now also has a low SP cost and can be used much faster at lower levels.

Shockwave is a great ability to use when there are a lot of foes close to each other. It doesn't cause much damage compared to other skills, but its low SP cost means that it's an efficient tool to quickly stun a group of enemies and kill any foes with low HP.

In Grandia ReDux Complete, Shockwave has been altered to be Wind element, and as such it now also requires a certain level in Wind magic to learn.

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