"Bubbles put all enemies to sleep"

Snooze is a recurring Water-elemental spell in the Grandia Series. Snooze inflicts the Sleep status on all enemies.



Snooze is a Level 1 magic spell that is learned when a characters Water level reaches level 3. Snooze inflicts Sleep on all enemies and costs 2MP to use. Snooze can be cast by Evil Gaia.

Grandia IIEdit

"Puts enemies to sleep with bubbles"

Snooze is a Water-elemental magic spell that inflicts Sleep to all enemies. It costs 5MP to cast and 30MC to initially learn. Snooze has a shallow growth rate and requires 330MC to grow to its maximum level.

Snooze can be learned from the Chaos, Gravity, Holy and Star Eggs.

Grandia III Edit

Snooze is a Water spell that inflicts Sleep to all enemies and costs 9MP to cast.

Snooze can be purchased for 180G at the magic shops in Mendi City and the Arcriff Temple and can be extracted from the Lake Egg.

Boost Level 0 Boost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3
Effect Duration 20 Seconds 22 Seconds 25 Seconds 30 Seconds
Preparation Time 4 Seconds 3 Seconds 2.5 Seconds 2 Seconds

Grandia XtremeEdit

Snooze is a spell that inflicts Sleep to a circle of enemies. It costs 5MP to cast. Snooze can be cast when a character is equipped with the Aqua, Fairy or Darkness Eggs.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

095 Snooze PT
"Inflict Sleep on 1 foe, 80% chance"

Snooze is an Action Card that inflicts Sleep to all enemies with an 80% chance of success. It costs 30AP to cast. Snooze is initially equipped by Mio and is dropped by Great Salamander, Sea Jelly and Mud Jellyfish.