Getting the Spirit Sword Art

Justin takes hold of the Spirit Sword

The Spirit Sanctuary is a location in Grandia. Entered near the finale of the game, the Spirit Sanctuary houses the power of the Spirits and it where the coveted Spirit Sword is located.

The Spirit Sanctuary holds some of the most powerful equipment in the game as well as a handful of stat increasing items.

The Spirit Sanctuary is entered through the Gate of the Spirits which is opened up within the city walls of Zil Padon, the Spirits deem Justin worthy to enter the Spirit Sanctuary in order to defeat Gaia and create a new world.

Justin and the party uses the same portal to exit out of the sanctuary, this portal opens out at the entrance of the J-Base.


After Justin is visited by his companions in Zil Padon, the Spirits arrive and open up a portal to the Spirit Sanctuary. To prove that he is truly chosen by the Spirits, Justin, along with Rapp and Liete travel to the Spirit Sanctuary.

The trio traverse several puzzles and find themselves in the Room of Truth, from here Liete informs Justin that he, the chosen one must alone ask the Spirits for assistance. During his ascent, Justin thinks about the past and what lies in the future but once he arrives at the top of the room he asks the Spirits to help him build a new future. In response the Spirits carve the Spirit Sword from a fragment of the Spirit Stone which is presented to Justin. The party then depart through a portal leading to the J-Base.




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