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Gumbo Spirits

Justin and Feena watching clouds of Spirits from Gumbo's Beach

Spirits are supernatural beings that once lived alongside both humans and Icarians. The spirits are seen as shimmering lights which float in the sky. In the times of Angelou, there were many Spirits in the world and they blessed the Icarians with great magical power. The Spirits created the Spirit Stone which embodied their great power in order for Angelou to prosper. However, when the greed of man became too great and Gaia was born, the Spirit Stone was shattered and the Spirits left the world.

During the times of the Angelou, humans and the Icarians were gifted with the capability to see the Spirits in their purest form. But ever since the world was cursed by the creation of Gaia, mankind lost their capability to interact and to see the Spirits. Even so, the Spirits wanted to have reconciliation with humans and Justin was the one chosen to destroy Gaia and to bridge open the human to what was once the original state of nature.

Now, Spirits are seen very rarely and never interact with humans.

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