Squid King
Squid King Body
592 74 1000
Str Vit Wit Agi
34 15 26 10
Weapon Effectiveness
Sword Mace Axe
- - -
Projectiles Whip Knife
- - -
Elemental Effectiveness
Fire Icon
Wind Icon
Water Icon
Earth Icon
Weak Weak - -
Lightning Icon
Blizzard Icon
Forest Icon
Explosion Icon
Weak - - Weak
Location Ghost Ship
Class Squid
Items Dropped Mana Egg
Grandia Boss

The Squid King is an boss from Grandia. It is encountered inside the Ghost Ship. The Squid King appears alongside Right Tentacle and Left Tentacle which together form the whole monster. The Squid King body has the ability to cast Shockwave, Laser Eye, Howl and Suck-In.

Battle StrategyEdit

This can be a tough boss to defeat if you go in without a set strategy. It is recommended that Feena uses Burnflame if she has learned it in order to attack the Squid King and both of its tentacles at the same time.

Justin and Sue should focus on the Right Tentacle, as it has the ability to heal the Squid King. After the Right Tentacle has been defeated, attack the Left Tentacle followed by the Squid King itself. Remember to heal or use Sue's Rah-Rah if you are low on health, as some of the enemy's attacks hit fairly hard and in quick succession.

Arguably, the Squid King's most devastating attack is Howl, especially if your characters are close together, so try to spread out your characters or use Defend if you see it coming. The Squid King also has a small attack pattern which consists of it using a "suck-in" ability to bring your characters closer to it, followed by Shockwave. This attack does less damage the further you are away from it, so make sure to move your characters away when this happens.

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