Granas Cathedral

St. Heim Papal State is a large town centred around the large Granas Cathedral at it's heart. It is home to Pope Zera and Selene. The people of the town look to the Pope for guidance about their lives and how to deal with the threat of Valmar's darkness.


Granas Cathedral - The religious centre for followers of Granas. It is built atop a grand mountain as if reaching into the heavens.

Bakery - A local bakery full of cheerful workers.

Library - Full of books, many of which tell ancient legends of the past - the Battle of Good & Evil, the Granasaber, etc.

Inn - An inn next to the town entrance of town. The first stop for tired travellers.

General Store - The local shop for buying battle goods and potions.

Sheep-baa Pasture - A pasture for Sheep-baas to live and play, located behind the inn.

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