Status Effects appear prominently in the Grandia series. These conditions affect a target's actions either positively or negatively. Status ailments can be side effects of special moves or attacks but are more commonly afflicted by a magic spell. Add Status is a means of inflicting status ailments on enemies with normal attacks with the status ailment linked to specific weaponry.

List of Recurring Status EffectsEdit

Positive Status EffectsEdit

  • Invisible - Avoids being targetted by attacks for a period of time.
  • Invulnerable - Grants immunity to all physical and magical attacks.

Negative Status EffectsEdit

  • Confusion - Attacks uncontrollably.
  • Fallen - Unable to take actions. Some skills inflict Sudden Death, which inflicts the Fallen status regardless of remaining HP.
  • Magic Block - Removes the ability to cast Magic.
  • Move Block - Removes the ability to cast Special Moves.
  • Paralysis - Target is unable to make actions for a short period.
  • Plague - Target is randomly inflicted by stat decreases and other Status Effects.
  • Poison - Target recieves damage each turn.
  • Sleep - Target is unable to make actions for a short period.
  • Stop - Target is unable to move or make actions for a short period.

List of Game-Specific Status EffectsEdit

Negative Status EffectsEdit

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