Steamer depart

The Steamer departing from the Port of Parm


A deck plan as seen on the steamer bridge

A large steam-driven mechanical ship seen in Grandia as a transport vessel between Parm and New Parm. The steamer carries both pass passengers and cargo - it features a large loading crane to mechanise the movement of shipments.


After receiving a Steamer Pass from Java, Justin boards the Steamer, early in the morning, in order to reach the New Continent. However, after Sue is found as a stow away on board, Justin must work as a crew member in order to prevent her being thrown into the ocean to please the sea gods. It is on this Steamer that the party meets Feena after she is picked up from an adventure on a nearby island. During the voyage, the ship is encounters the legendary Ghost Ship and the engines stop working. The crew and captain believe that it is an omen of certain doom, but Feena, along with Justin and Sue, board the Ghost ship and relieve it of its monsterous curse. The steamer recovers and continues safely on its journey to New Parm where Justin hopes to become a great adventurer.

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