Surmania Ruins, floating in the sky.

The Surmania Ruins are a series of ruins that were sealed deep underneath the Vejas Jungle. They are the resting place of Xorn, and they serve as the final dungeon in Grandia III.


Emelious summons the Surmania Ruins by way of the God Slayer Sword, the sword containing a shard of Xorn's power. After lifting it from the ground, the ruins begin to float high in the sky. Eventually, the party reaches the ruins by flying higher than even the Melc Ruins and landing within it. After fighting and defeating both Violetta and La-lim, the party reaches Emelious who is trying to revive Xorn. After yet another fight, Emelious is defeated, but Xorn awakens anyways due to Alfina arriving with her respective crest; Emelious needed both his and Alfina's. Emelious escapes on a his white snake, kidnapping Alfina. The party attempts to make chase on Yuki's plane, but his flight unit fails, and they crash near the Raflid Alps.

Later, when the world was encased by Xorn's Shell, the ruins were attached the shell, viewable in the distance by the party. After landing on the Shell thanks to Schmidt's efforts, they destroy the Omega Breed which causes all flight units to become unasable. They continue further into the ruins and confront Emelious, who, at that point, turned on Xorn. Emelious chases after the revived Xorn, but dies in the process. Hect creates a bridge for the party to cross and face finally face Xorn, the final boss.

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