Grymph Statue

Hect standing in front of the Grymph Statue in central Terrarium.

The Terrarium is a town that exists within the Verse Realm. Hect is the mayor of the town. The Terrarium is home to winged humanoids; because of the Curse of Xorn, the Terrarium and the people in it are slowly being turned to glass.

In the center of the town stand statues to all the guardians. Several of the pedestals are empty, and the statue to Xorn is destroyed. Seiba's statue glows green; the other remaining statues are all dim.

Stores in the TerrariumEdit

General Store - EquipmentEdit

Item Stats Description Buy
Sword III Claymore +45 ATK Has a sharp blade and a cross-shaped handle. 4500 G
Sword III Rune Blade +0 ATK, +55 MAG Mysterious runes adorn the blade of this sword. 4800 G
Staff III Wizard's Staff +36 ATK, +30 MAG Amplifies the user's magic power. 4100 G
Cards III Justice Cards +30 ATK, +36 MAG These cards of justice boost magic abilities. 4000 G
Armor III Warrior Mail +44 DEF A full-body suit of armor favored by warriors. 3600 G
Robe III Magician's Robe +40 DEF, +20 RES A robe once worn by a powerful magician. 3000 G
Ring III Fire Ring - Weakens the power of fire attacks. Halves fire-based damage. 250 G
Ring III Earth Ring - Weakens the power of earth attacks. Halves earth-based damage. 250 G
Ring III Water Ring - Weakens the power of water attacks. Halves water-based damage. 250 G
Ring III Wind Ring - Weakens the power of wind attacks. Halves wind-based damage. 250 G

General Store - ConsumablesEdit

Item Range Description Buy
Fruits III Healing Fruit One Ally This nutritious fruit rejuvenates those who eat it. Restores 1200 HP. 320 G
Bag III Cure Powder All Allies A curative powder that heals nearby allies. Restores 750 HP. 90 G
Potion III Revival Elixir One Ally This elixir awakens the will to fight. Revives one ally with 100% HP. 240 G
Herb III Antidote One Ally A medicinal herb that counteracts the effects of poison. Cures poison. 8 G
Potion III Smelling Salts One Ally Emits a strong scent that brings people to their senses. Cures confusion. 24 G
Potion III Curse Remover One Ally Releases the user from magical bonds. Cures silence. 36 G
Fruits III Bagoo Nut Circle around Enemy An exploding nut. Non-elemental damage. Power: 480. 40 G
Bomb III Time Bomb Circle around Enemy A bomb with a timer. Non-elemental damage. Power: 600. 60 G

Magic Shop - SpellsEdit

Spell Power Range Description Buy
Fire III Hellburner ☆☆☆☆☆ One Enemy Call forth the flames of hell. Fire damage. 900 G
Earth III Quake ☆☆☆☆ All Allies Trigger a major earthquake. Earth damage. 1000 G
Earth III Poizn One Enemy Envelop an enemy in poisonous gel. Earth damage. Effect: Poison. 160 G
Earth III Resurrect - One Ally Summon the water of life to restore the will to fight. Resurrects a dead ally. 400 G
Water III Healer+ ☆☆☆☆☆ One Ally Summon a mysterious mist to greatly heal an ally. Restores HP. 900 G
Water III Alheal All Allies Summon a fountain of life to slightly heal all allies. Restores HP. 400 G
Wind III Howlnado ☆☆☆☆ Circle around Enemy Summon a whirlwind. Wind damage. Effect: Confusion. 1000 G
Wind III Fiora - Circle around Enemy Prevent enemies from using spells or special moves. Silences the enemy. 480 G

Skill Shop - SkillsEdit

Skill Skill Level Description Buy
Mind III Magic Up 1 Increases magic power. Increases max MP. 2500 G
Mind III Prayer 3 A prayer for healing. Restores HP when user guards. 1500 G
Mind III Meditation 3 Helps achieve inner peace. Restores MP when user guards. 3000 G
Body III Life Up 1 Builds up the user. Increases max HP. 2000 G
Body III Reflect 2 Use the enemy's power. Reflects back 10% of damage. 800 G