Justin and friends look upon the Lost World.

The Lost World is the third area Justin explores in Grandia. It to the east of the End of the World, and is part of the Elencia continent. In this strange new land, Justin meets Gadwin who acts as a mentor figure him.


After climbing to the top of the End of the World, a machine located on the top picks up Sue and drops her on the other side. Justin and Feena are soon to follow, landing in a place known as the Valley of the Flying Dragon. Justin soon finds Feena, but discovers that Sue is missing. After finding a missing shoe and a rather incriminating cauldron of stew boiling, Justin pieces together what he believes to be the turn of events: the man who made the stew must have eaten Sue. Justin engages the man, Gadwin, in battle. He loses, and is informed that Sue was never actually eaten. After laughing things off with Gadwin, the party begins their journey into the Lost World.


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