Name Thor Cut
Type Skill
Level Requirements Sword 23, Fire 17, Wind 17
SP Cost 40
Power (STR%) 450
Execute Time 120
Effect None
Element Lightning
Target Single
Critical Chance 80
IP Knockback 9000
Experience Gain 50
Thor Cut

Thor Cut is a skill that Justin learns after extensively using the sword, as well as both fire and wind magic.

Thor Cut is lightning elemental, therefore dealing additional damage to those who are weak to either fire or wind. Thor Cut is the most powerful of Justin's elemental skills and is capable of dealing immense amounts of damage, while also having a very high chance to critically hit.

Characters who learn this ability:


ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit


SP Cost 50
Power (STR%) 390
Execute Time 60
Critical Chance 40%
IP Knockback 2500
Experience Gain 20

In Grandia ReDux, Thor Cut, much like Ice Slash or Lotus Cut, has a faster execute time at lower levels, at a cost of less damage. It's critical hit chance and IP knockback are also reduced, therefore being solely useful for dealing damage.

Dealing damage is still the one aspect it's great for. Against an enemy with low magic resistances, Thor Cut is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, if not the most powerful in certain circumstances.

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