Tio Clone
Tio Clone
Level HP MP SP
43 30000 190 165
900 4000 4000 0
Def Mov Act M.Def
274 196 282 168
Elemental Effectiveness
Blizzard II
Earth II
Explosion II
Fire II
- - - -
Forest II
Lightning II
Water II
Wind II
- - - -
Location Demon's Law
Items Dropped Star Egg
Grandia II Boss
See also: Tio

The Tio Clone is a boss from Grandia II. It is encountered inside Demon's Law. The Tio Clone has the ability to cast Lotus Flower, Tornado, Shhh! and Howl.

Battle StrategyEdit

Whenever you attack her with combo she'll usually evade and counter. High evade, MOV and speed stats also help to make physical attacks relatively useless.

Use Flying Tenseiken, Beast-King Smash, Fast-Dance Whirl and Impact Bomb as she can't dodge special attacks. Don't try to dispel her Shhh! as she will do it again and again, just leave it be and you'll have to manage without magic. Tornado is the move that you should watch out for, it can deal high damage. If this is used, heal with Droplets of Life.

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