The Tower of Doom seen from the Petrified Forest

The Tower of Doom is a research outpost for the Garlyle Forces on the East Elencia continent in Grandia. The Garlyle Forces are working to reviveGaia from a Gaia Sprout. The effects of Gaia's growth caused the surrounding forest to turn to stone, creating the Petrified Forest and destroying part of Cafu.

The Garlyle Forces built the tower many years ago, when Rapp was a young boy. The Tower of Doom was constructed as part of General Baal's grand design of renewing the world.


After speaking with the Cafu Elder, Justin, Feena and Rapp decide to head to the Tower of Doom with plans of destroying whatever caused the destruction of Old Cafu. After heading through the Petrified Forest, the party see the Tower on the horizon.

Upon arrival at the Tower of Doom, the party run into Milda, a Lainian with a bad attitude. Milda immediately assaults Rapp, and afterwards attacks the party confusing them for members of the Garlyle Forces. After Justin and Feena defeat Milda, they drag both Rapp and Milda into a nearby warehouse. Milda explains that her intentions are to destroy the tower and although resistant at first, Milda agrees to join the party.

After fighting through waves of soldiers, the party arrive at the laboratory and discover a pulsating monster sealed within a glass case. Nana, Saki and Mio arrive and reveal that the monster growing is Gaia but its growth has stopped. The sergeants are concerned over the growth of Gaia and cannot understand how it factors into creating a perfect world.

The sergeants speak with General Baal who is angry at the operations slow progress. General Baal reveals that Gaia had turned Old Cafu to stone but wants to know what else it can do. Baal additional is angered more when Mio questions the details of the operation.

Justin destroys the machine holding Gaia which releases several tentacles spreading across the laboratory. Nana, Saki and Mio are shocked to see what they have created and flee the area. Soon after, Gaia's power awakens and turns several soldiers to stone, the party are protected by the Spirit Stone. A Gaia Battler rises and attacks the party.

With the Gaia Battler defeated the party rejoice but wonder what the Garlyle Forces would breed Gaia. Justin picks up a sprout left behind and decide to take it back to the Elder for examination. While leaving the Tower of Doom, the party see several other soldiers who were petrified by Gaia.




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