Valley of the Flying Dragon

Justin and Feena explore the Valley of the Flying Dragon

The Valley of the Flying Dragon is an overgrown, tropical area located in the northwest of the Lost World continent in Grandia. The valley is adjacent to the east side of the End of the World and is situated to the west of Dight Village.

The valleys only known resident is Gadwin, who decided to live and train in the valley allowing him to protect the people of Dight.


Justin, Sue and Feena are dropped into the Valley of the Flying Dragons from the top of the End of the World. Sue is separated from the party and Justin and Feena make it a priority to find her. After searching through the wilderness the party find Sue's Shoe before spotting Puffy flying around without her. Justin and Feena follow Puffy and arrive at a wooden house with a broth cooking outside, a burly man approaches the broth and spots the party.

Upon seeing Sue's belongings beside the cauldron, the party assume that Gadwin is cooking Sue and this provokes Justin to challenge Gadwin to a swordfight, which Gadwin easily wins, knocking Justin out.

Upon his revival, Justin realises that Gadwin was keeping Sue safe after finding her in the valley. Everyone then sits down to eat before Gadwin agrees to take them to Dight Village.




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