Virgin Forest

The Virgin Forest, also known as the Pristine Forest is a colourful forest located in the northwest of the Eastern Elencia continent in Grandia. The forest is situated to the west of Cafu and was originally much larger but the forest was partially petrified by Gaia, the petrified section to the north is now considered the Petrified Forest.


After their journey across the Sea of Mermaids,Justin and Feena land on a beach in the Virgin Forest. In the search for Alent they head east in hope of finding any clues to lead them to the ancient land. The party eventually find a tent pitched and are suprised to find Guido inside who offers the party to stay for the night.

During the night, Guido reveals more about Angelou which intrigues Justin. In the morning, Justin and Feena head out to the nearby village of Cafu but are tricked into a trap by a gang of Cafunians lead by Rapp who mistake the heroes for the Garlyle Forces due to their human appearance.

After a heated discussion between Justin and Rapp, they discover that Nicky, a young Cafunian boy has been captured by a rogue Trent. The party set aside their differences and defeat the Trent, in doing so earning each others trust.

Rapp sends the gang back to Cafu and leads the party to the village as a favour for saving Nicky.




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