The volcano erupting

The Volcano is an area located adjacent the village of Gumbo in the south of the Lost World continent in Grandia. It is the cause of the villages continuous warm climate.

The heat of the volcano is controlled by the Madragon, the people of Gumbo believe that they must continually sacrifice a couple to the dragon in order to maintain the temperature. This has caused many couples to hide their relationships to prevent them from being chosen to be sacrificed.


As per the village ritual, Justin and Feena are catapulted to the Volcano in sacrifice. Justin makes the decision to defeat the Fire Dragon in order to keep the heat of the Volcano flowing to the nearby village of Gumbo. On the way to the peak, Justin and Feena meet up with Sue and Gadwin who decide to help the party on their quest.

The party arrive at the volcano crater and defeat the Madragon. Upon its defeat Spirits rise from the crater and the volcano begins to erupt. With lava showering down, the party rush down the volcano and back to the village of Gumbo.




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