Witt Forest Path

Ryudo and Skye at Witt Forest Path

The Witt Forest Path is located in the northern part of the Silesia continent in Grandia II. This unpaved path leads to the small settlement of Carbo Village.


Travelling along Witt Forest Path Ryudo finds a note tied into the branches of a tree: The Church of Granas wants to hire him as a bodyguard. Although Ryudo is not too enthusiastic about working for the church, he continues travelling down the path to Carbo Village.


Enemy encountersEdit

Name Mottled Spider
Other locations Garmia Tower | Inor Mountains
Health Points 250
Experience 8
Special Coins 15
Magic Coins 5
Gold 2
Item Drop Medicinal Herb | Slowpoke Nut
Moves/Magic Web Trap
Combinations Alone