Xorn is the final antagonist of Grandia III. He is one of the many guardians that live in the Verse Realm. He believes that love is the root of all suffering and malice and wants to rid the world of such things. Xorn was once the ruler of Surmania Zero. The people of the Verse Realm once looked to Xorn as a ruler until he turned against them.


At Surmania Zero, Emelious finds the crystal in which Xorn's claw, the only remaining part of his body, remains. Disregarding warning from Raven, he retrieves the claw. Soon after, the voice of Xorn speaks to Emelious, saying Xorn has been waiting for him, and that they will carve out a new future together.

Raven calls out to Emelious to drop the claw, and tackles him to take it away forcibly, but fails. Emelious tells Raven that he simply does not understand, and demonstrates by stabbing through his marked hand the claw. A blade, the Godkiller, extends from the claw, and Emelious uses the new sword to break through the nearby seal statue. Presumably, Emelious then leaves, beginning his quest of using the Godkiller to slay each Guardian.

Later, after Emelious has slayed each Guardian and captured Alfina, he completes the revival of Xorn. By putting his and Alfina's hands together at the top of the cursed tower in Surmania, their hand markings bond together, releasing Xorn from his shell.

The shockwave from Xorn breaking out topples back Emelious and Alfina. The blast damages the tower, and the platform below Alfina topples, but Emelious grabs her hand before she falls. Grau, who has been in the background of this scene for the entire time, seizes this opportunity for himself and stabs Emelious in his back with the Godkiller.

With Emelious out of the way, Grau steps forwards and faces Xorn. He yells out to Xorn, "Fill me with your divine power!" Xorn shoots a tendril through Grau's head, who promptly turns to crystal and shatters.

Despite his wound, Emelious has survived, and pulls Alfina back up. Shortly thereafter, Yuki and his allies arrive. Once the party regroups, Xorn speaks his motives: love is the cause of all suffering and conflict, and all who love must be wiped from the world to complete how he sees that the world should be.

Emelious objects, telling Xorn that, regardless of how anyone may suffer, if they have love, they will survive. Xorn laughs at this and mocks Emelious for choosing destruction as well as love. Emelious jumps from the tower and flies his dragon directly into Xorn's body.

Shortly later, the party confronts Xorn. Upon defeating him in battle, Xorn magnificently vaporizes, and the world is saved.

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