Yuuhi PT
Yuuhi Action PT
AP Attack Defend
106 102 103
M. Atk M. Def Agility
101 104 105
Grandia: Parallel Trippers Character

Yuuhi is the main character in the spin-off Grandia title, Grandia: Parallel Trippers. He is an energetic young boy living in Japan before the events of the game. During the game, Yuuhi, along with his friends Mizuki and Shirou, are transported into the parallel world of Grandia. Yuuhi must be a permanent member of the party until after the events of the main story.



Being the main protagonist, Yuuhi is a very well rounded character with no particular strength nor weakness, because of this Yuuhi isn't as useful as other characters that you meet during the game such as Justin and Feena.


Initial Weapon Levels
Sword Mace Axe Projectiles Knife Whip Fire Wind Water Earth Light Dark
5 2 2 4 3 2 2 2 5 5 0 0

In Grandia: Parallel Trippers, Yuuhi can wield all weapon based skills, the greatest selection in the game. He also has the power to possess Fire, Wind, Water and Earth magic giving him the best movepool of any playable character in the game. Due to Yuuhi being available from the start of the game, his skill levels are very under developed compared to other characters you encounter throughout the game.

Special MovesEdit

Yuuhi has the power to generate two special moves, these can only be made under certain conditions when Action Cards are played.

Skill Name Damage Weapon Required Card Level Characters Required
Overdrive 30 Sword Platinum 3
Heaven's Drive 35 Whip Platinum 3

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