Zil Padon

Zil Padon before Gaia attacks

"So, what do you think of Zil Padon? Ain't it ridiculously large? There are three peoples centered here. The Rafane, the Alqada and the Mogay. It seems with the recent turning to stone episodes, refugees fleeing their villages have come flowing in."

Zil Padon is the largest city on the continent of East Elencia and is occupied by three major groups of people: the posh, civilized and slightly prudish Rafane who resemble humans; the cultural and exotic Alqada who resemble beastmen; and the merchant-like Mogay who resemble anthropomorphic rabbits. The settlement is highly segregated, with each group having separated themselves into their own part of the city.


Zil Padon is located in the heart of the Zil Desert, and is surrounded by an oasis. With the recent attacks on villages by Gaia, refugees from around the continent have gathered there. Due to its location, Zil Padon is the center of commerce for not only East Elencia, but for villages located in the Lost World, as the Mogay frequently visit both Dight and Gumbo to conduct trade.


There are three different species living in Zil Padon; including the Mogay who are good merchants, the Rafane and the Alqada. There exists tensions between the three, particularly between the Rafane and Alqada with arguments often erupting between the two.

Beneath the city lies the Underground Ruins, a gigantic complex from which the Mogay originated. It is said that the Underground Ruins date all the way back from the times of Angelou. The Medal of Knowledge, one of the keys to accessing Alent, can be found down in the depths of the cavern.


Guido is the Mogay Elder and joins Justin's party when they reach Zil Padon. In the center of the city is a large fountain which is the doorway to the Underground Ruins which are only accessible once Justin has gained the Mogay's trust from Guido.

Later on in the story, Gaia attacks Zil Padon devastating its communities. Through the rebuilding of the oasis town, the pre-existing tensions appear to fade as the Mogay, Rafane and Alqada work together to restore the town.


  • The merchant in Alqada Spice mentions that his spice was specially produced in "Zilpa". This is a possible abbreviation for Zil Padon.

Interactive MapEdit

Zil Padon, Elencia

Zil Padon, Elencia

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